The Goldin Family

Cutting Out Cancer

My company, Indigo Wood Works of Norfolk, VA is committed to raising money for Cancer Research and Susan G. Komen Foundation through the sale of our custom cutting boards by donating the net proceeds of each sale.

In July of 2010, my brother-in-law, Steve Goldin was diagnosed with what was thought as colon cancer, it was later determined to be cancer of the appendix.

Steve underwent chemotherapy last fall and surgery in December 2010.

Unfortunately, Steve lost his battle in June of 2011.

Helplessly watching his Dad’s daily struggle, Ben, Steve’s son, expressed a desire to his Mom, Erin, (Andy’s sister) to help his father. That’s when Erin approached Andy and her family to work on a fund raising project cancer research. Focusing on the cutting boards, she called the project “Cutting Out Cancer”.

In October of 2013, my father, Stanley Steinberg, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Despite a valiant fight, my father lost his battle on December 25th, 2014.

We have renewed our project, “Cutting Out Cancer” and partnered with Susan G. Komen to craft and sell cutting boards to raise money for cancer research. You have your choice of many selections. Any board ordered with Susan G. Komen logo engraved on it will have their proceeds donated to Susan G. Komen.