Indigo Wood Works

Custom Design in Woodworking

True custom woodworking made in the USA: what you conceive, we design and build.

Indigo Wood Works, formerly known as Big Drawers Furniture, was established in 2005.

Our custom furniture is Made in the USA – Norfolk, Virginia to be exact. Utilizing the finest materials and careful craftsmanship, our furniture is handcrafted to last for generations. You will be as proud to own of one of these heirloom quality pieces as we are to custom craft them for you. True custom woodworking: what you conceive, we design and build.

Our clients appreciate self-expression; they do not want to settle for furniture they find on a showroom floor. Show us your custom woodworking idea for your home and we will help bring it to life. Can you envision custom bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, or a makeup vanity?

Give us a call and let’s discuss your project!

Unique Projects

Looking for something specific to fit a space? Interested in a piece of furniture that can’t be found in stores? View our collection of customer-favorited, unrepeatable furniture.

Bathroom & Makeup Vanities

Discover the possibilities custom bathroom and makeup vanities offer. Our collection includes floating vanities made from beech wood slabs, 100+ custom makeup slots, built-in drawers, and more.

Dining Tables

Gathering around the table should be an experience. Find incredible dining or conference tables from us reinvented with reclaimed lumber, distinctive grain patterns, epoxy resins, mixed metals, and a variety of hardwoods.

“The great idea about custom is that we can craft to your specifications and your choice in material.”

-Andy Steinberg, Owner of Indigo Wood Works

The focus of Indigo Woodworking is to create custom furniture, custom built-ins, and custom spaces. We accomplish this by designing our products with the end user in mind, with local hardwood, all crafted in Norfolk, Virginia.

About Us

Indigo Wood Works was established in 2005. We handcraft custom furniture and built-ins for your home or business. Our designs are your ideas brought to fruition using domestic and exotic lumber.

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