About Us

Indigo Wood Working

Indigo Wood Works originally began in June of 2005 as Big Drawers Furniture.  While the name was a good “tongue in cheek” idea, Andy Steinberg changed the name to Indigo Wood Works in June of 2015 because too many people thought I just built chest of drawers…

My start began a number of years ago when I was searching for a chest of drawers that had ample drawer space.  At 6’4” , my golf shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts are all either XL or XXL.  After a fruitless search through furniture stores across the country I commissioned a chest to be crafted for me.

When the chest was delivered home, my girlfriend, a petite lady of 5’5”, inspected the chest of drawers and declared that she wanted one.  When I inquired why, she stated that “there isn’t woman out there with enough drawer space”.

So, we had a second chest built.

As we told friends and family about the chests, people inquired more about them.  After 20 years in corporate sales I decided to hone my woodworking skills, leave the corporate world and started building these “big-drawered” chests as well as all other aspects of custom furniture.

Today, we can craft a custom head board, a unique coffee table with matching end tables, a make-up vanity or a custom kitchen.

We focus on crafting what you want, not what you have to settle for in a furniture store.  And, our furniture is Made in the USA utilizing traditional joinery and solid wood.