Live Edge Conference Table

We had a request from a client to create conference room table with a live edge.  The table was crafted from 4 slabs of sugar maple from a tree that came from Ward’s Corner here in Norfolk, VA.

This project had 2 unique requests.  The first was to incorporate technology into the table.  We had metal legs crafted that we hollow.  In each leg, we ran different wiring; 2 legs had the data cabling, the other 2 legs had the electrical.  By wiring the table this way, there was minimal interference to the data form the electrical wires.

The second unique request was the filling the cracks and other intrusions in the wood with epoxy.  The epoxy filling was not the unique component itself.  We were requested to tint the epoxy with a glow-in-the-dark blue dye.  The blue dye coloring that you see will glow when the lights are dimmed.

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